LUMO agro

Specialized LED lighting solutions for agricultural and food industry


Each field of industry is unique in applied specific standards for production facilities and workplace, including the requirements for lighting. LUMO has prepared and actualized in practice some solutions, when applied, the competitive advantage to agricultural and food industry companies have already been given.

LUMO LED lighting systems, when used in stead of the incandescent, fluorescent (day light), or halogen lamps, not only decrease the consumption of electricity by several times, but also gives more space to company pricing and increases the profitableness.

Some particular parameters of LED emitted light, can directly influence the produced volumes of goods, for example improve broiler body condition in aviculture or ensure high number of eggs laid by layer hens. The spectral quality of light also has influence of the growth of plants, therefore LED lighting solution LUMO BIO could be successfully used in greenhouse lighting.

Implemented projects

  • Project

    Turkey breeding company

    Company‘s "ARVI kalakutai" lighting system modernization

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  • Project

    Poultry farm illumination

    JSC „Vilniaus Paukstynas“ lighting system modernisation by installing LED illuminators

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