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LED lighting solutions for home and decorative purposes


Light is the most influencing factor for human being. It directly affects the mood and the nervous system as well as cardiac work and hormonal changes. Depending on the installation of lighting, the type of environment is created at home, without even thinking that our decisions, actions and feelings are being affected.

If you require either economical illumination of perfect and unobtrusive design or you do not want to think about the stock of light bulbs at home, you should consider the possibility to install LED lighting.

LUMO LED (light diode) lighting devices can greatly alter your house by revitalizing the interior and bring new colours to your daily life. Also, it can light up not only common, but also former dwelling places inaccessible to light without any weary of your eyes.

Light diodes are very small. They do not require any large frames or large glass flasks. Moreover, light diodes do not heat up. Therefore, they could be installed in such places, where no other type of lighting device could fit in.  On the other hand, it might happen that you will fulfill your old dreams, although seemed incredible by installing the lighting in a completely unexpected place.

Implemented projects

  • Project

    Decorative lighting

    Decoration of The Church of Taking Holy Mary Into The Heaven in Turgeliai vilage (Lithuania)

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