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What surrounds us constantly, although we do not think about it? What affects our mood or feelings, and sometimes our health? What provides the comfort, or even tortures? What is the invisible force, quietly influencing us to decide “for” or “against”? It is so common and routine that many of us do not notice, unless the discomfort is felt. It is the LIGHT!


Sweet home


Your sweet home – original and comfortable LED lighting solutions


How many of us do equip or repair their homes? We go shopping, choose wallpapers, paint, curtains, or even new pieces of furniture… How often do we think about the lighting? The thinking process starts and ends as soon as the selection of a new design of lighting is made. Indeed, it is identified that almost 50% of newly equipped interior influencing a human being determines the lighting. Are you surprised?

Let’s imagine an ordinary room, which is lit by a chandelier hanging on the ceiling, which can mostly illuminate the table directly beneath. Everything seems good enough, unless…  Now let’s imagine the spot lighting installed in the same ceilings of the ordinary room. This lighting spread the luminous flux very evenly, which can also be used in different modes: when we work, the light should be with warm white undertone; when we need the atmosphere to be intimate, the light flow will be intensive, dimmed, and possibly pink.

Let’s look around in Your apartment. You sometimes need a little bit of imagination and several ideas! If you installed moderate lighting in your living room furniture, lit the paintings, your aquarium, and flowers, you would revitalize various details of your interior. Your apartment will become alive, different each time as you will create its mood yourself. LED (light emitting diode) illuminators are already able to implement any lighting idea. In addition, LUMO LED illuminators are very economical, therefore when creating your interior, you can feel free to use a large number of them.



How could you wake up the lawn next to your house?

If you have a private house with the landscaped lawn, trees and flowers are fostered, then you need just a little – a proper lighting. After the installation of  LUMO LED lighting in a flower garden and a pavement, on walls of your house, gates, swings or an arbor, the environment will change unrecognizably! If there is a small water source in your yard, be sure to take advantage of water reflection properties. Summer nights will be long and pleasant; in winter when the light starts playing on the snow, you will enjoy the endless sense of celebration.



Ask the architects and interior designers for help

Small lighting projects, after consulting with producers of LED lighting, could be implemented by yourself. Only if either you are planning to take a serious reform or a building project is still in the preparation process, it is better to entrust the entire work to professionals – architects and interior designers. LED (light emitting diode) illuminators possess quite different characteristics: the differences are not only in shape, but also in light intensity, colour, angle of light, and a large number of other equally important parameters, influencing the final result.

Implemented projects

lumo eco
Cost effective LED lighting.
lumo agro
Specialized LED lighting solutions for agricultural and food industry.
lumo pro
LED lighting solutions for commercial and industrial facilities.
lumo home
LED lighting solutions for home and decorative purposes.